Women's Health Fair

The Annual Women's Health Fair is being held virtually again this year. The Punxsutawney Area Hospital would like to invite you to explore the resources and reach out to any of the service lines for additional information.

Women personify many roles in our lives. Two out of every three caregivers in the United States are women, meaning they provide daily or regular support to children, adults, or people with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Women who are caregivers have a greater risk for poor physical and mental health. Preventive care can keep disease away or detect problems early so that treatment is more effective. Protect your health by identifying the care you may need.

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As part of the Women's Health Fair, we would like give our virtual attendees the opportunity to receive some great prizes while providing us with some useful feedback. Please note: Your name and email will not be shared and are only included in the survey so we can contact you if you are the winner. Winners will be selected at random on Friday, October 29th. 

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