Continued Commitment

PAH is here for the Community

Over two years since the start of the pandemic, the Punxsutawney Area Hospital continues to be committed to the safety of the community, staff, and patients. Many challenges have been experienced throughout the pandemic with processes and procedures changing, in some cases, multiple times. The ultimate goal has remained the same- to provide patients optimal care while instilling safety and focusing on the wellbeing of our community.  Chief of Surgery at PAH, Dr. Kyle Lingenfelter states, “Recognizing the processes that have been modified to increase the safety and wellbeing of patients, visitors, and staff is critical to the overall health of our community. The Punxsutawney community has been extremely supportive throughout the entire pandemic. As we continue to navigate through the challenges of the pandemic, supply chain issues, and the Red Cross-national blood challenges- we ask for your continued patience and support.”  
Adaptations have been made logistically within the facility in multiple departs, ways care is accessed, visitation, and processes for outpatient services. At times patient volumes and the rigorous, extensive cleaning protocols have increased wait times. As an organization, PAH continues to recognizes the inconveniences and challenges this creates and truly appreciates the support from the community.
“Over the past two years the pandemic has been at the forefront of our efforts but we are also celebrating the continued advancements in telehealth and new services available through our organization that have been made during the same time period. In conjunction with IRMC, PAH has successfully initiated the start of Podiatry, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Bariatrics, Pain Clinic, and Vascular Care specialty services in the Cardiology Department”, stated Dr. Clark Simpson, Chief Medical Officer.  Punxsutawney Area Hospital continues to receive exemplary patient satisfaction scores and maintains the status of a Top 100 Rural and Community Hospital for 4 years consecutively.
PAH would like to recognize the efforts of the staff and thank them for their continued hard work and dedication. Moving forward the hospital is excited to continue meeting the needs of the community. With an emergency and outpatient department expansion project on the horizon, great advancements will continue to positively impact the community.