The Punxsutawney Area Hospital Foundation

Advancing the Future of PAH

The Punxsutawney Area Hospital has been providing care for the community for more than 135 years. The mission of the Punxsutawney Area Hospital is to provide high quality, cost effective, primary healthcare and coordinate care for patients requiring secondary and tertiary services.
Punxsutawney Area Hospital is known for our commitment to providing exception care with a personal touch which extends to the family members and loved ones of our patients. As we recognize good health is total team effort. 

Founded in 1889 by Adrian Iselin, the original Adrian Hospital was established at the site of the coal mines in Adrian to care for sick and injured miners. As the community prospered and grew, the hospital opened its doors to treat all residents and became a general hospital. With this increased usage, soon the services offered at this site became inadequate and steps were taken to improve health care in the community.

In 1898, a “new” Adrian Hospital, including a Training School for Nurses, was built at the corner of Jenks and Park Avenues in downtown Punxsutawney. For nearly 75 years the Adrian Hospital served the community faithfully, seeing it through two World Wars, a Depression, and countless advancements in medical technology. Sadly, in the 1970s it became evident that the field of medicine had passed by this aging facility, so a group of impassioned residents began planning to build a new hospital.

A campaign was launched in 1973 with local citizens and businesses pledging their faith and money, and on November 7, 1975, ground was broken to begin the construction. Finally on July 25, 1977, the new facility named “Punxsutawney Area Hospital” opened its doors and continued the tradition of providing quality medical care for area residents.

In 1999 Punxsutawney Area Hospital launched its Capital Campaign, “Building Upon Success” and, with tremendous support from the hospital family as well as community members, raised more than 2.1 million dollars. This funding was used to construct a new 30,000-square-foot West Wing Unit which now houses the Rehabilitation, ICU, and Behavioral Health Departments in addition to several physician specialist offices. Phase II of this building project included the expansion and unification of the Short-Stay Surgery Unit for optimum patient convenience and comfort.
Punxsutawney Area Hospital continues to improve services, recruit skilled physicians, update technology, and focus on providing the best health care to people in the tri-county area. Garnering both state and national recognition, Punxsutawney Area Hospital is committed to upholding a 135-year tradition of meeting the health care needs of the people in Punxsutawney and surrounding communities.
The formation of the Punxsutawney Area Hospital Foundation is an active step to support this tradition and is a mechanism to advance the wellness of the community.
The mission of the Punxsutawney Area Hospital Foundation is to advance community health and wellness through philanthropy and support of Punxsutawney Area Hospital. The Founding Board Directors are actively initialing ways to bring this mission to fruition. The PAH Foundation Board will be creating ways to support the upcoming Emergency Department and Outpatient Service Expansion and Renovation Project. Preliminary work has started to prep for this anticipated 22 million project with parking lot expansions. The Punxsutawney Area Hospital and Foundation Board of Directors is excited to promote the Proud Past and Solid Future of hospital while facilitating advancements to meet the needs of our community. For more information about the Punxsutawney Area Hospital and Foundation, please visit
Pictured Board Directors:
Bottom Row Left to Right:
Courtney Grube, PharmD
Clark Simpson, M.D., Chair
Frank Roberts
Jim Curtis, CLU
Jack Sisk, Secretary/ Treasurer
Jon Johnston, DMD, Vice Chair
Missing from the picture: Sam Smith


Construction and work on the Parking Lot at PAH.