Vaccine Update

As of February 8th.
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As of February 8th, we have not received notification of when we will be approved to receive more vaccines. 
How the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed in Pennsylvania? 
Operation Warp Speed shares with the Department of Health (DOH) how much vaccine will be allotted for the week.
DOH distributes a survey to enrolled providers and counties to determine their vaccine request.
DOH reviews the survey requests and creates a list of interested vaccine providers for the week.
DOH uses a formula to determine how to allocate vaccine among counties/providers based on factors including their current allocations, amount on hand for distribution, amount administered, population, population over 65, percent positivity and death rate.
DOH provides information to vaccine providers about how much vaccine they will receive.
Final orders are submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Operation Warp Speed
Vaccine is shipped directly from the manufacturers to the vaccine providers via UPS/FedEx.
Once received, vaccine providers “check-in” the vaccine through DOH.
Vaccine providers deliver the vaccine to residents currently eligible in Phase 1A of Pennsylvania’s vaccination rollout plan.
- PA Department of Health

Please note: 
Punxsutawney area Hospital has successfully provided vaccines to frontline workers in the region and is fully committed to provide vaccines once they become available in full compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Vaccine Plan. 

 The Punxsutawney Area Hospital does not have a 'Wait List' established.  When we receive additional vaccines, our plan is to hold a 'Vaccine Clinic' for those in the Phase 1A category.